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Scene Summary of The Miracle Worker

             At night in the Keller's home, a new addition to the family is born, named Helen Keller. As Kate Keller, Helen's mother, is settling her baby in her crib, she realized that her child is blind and deaf. A few years pass by and Captain Keller and Kate have been trying to find someone to teach Helen how to learn ad communicate. Aunt Ev suggests a doctor named Mr. Anagnos but Captain is not willing to write another letter, after all the other times they have called for help but it never worked. After realizing that it would be best for Helen, he agrees to write to the doctor. Mr. Anagnos decides to send one of his students, Annie Sullivan to teach Helen how to spell and communicate. As soon as Annie has reached the house, she is welcomed and shown her temporary room. When Annie meets Helen, she hands her a doll, something Helen desperately wanted for awhile. As Helen is holding this doll, Annie spells into Helen's palm four letters; D, O, L, L. Annie then offers a pastry into Helen's palm. While Helen stuffs the sweet food into her mouth, Annie spells out another pair of letters; C, A, K, E. As soon as Annie thinks things are going well, Helen turns the tables and slaps Annie in the face with the doll and runs out of the room. Annie is surprised and hears the door lock; Helen had grabbed the key and locked her in the room. A few hours later, Annie is freed from the room and spots Helen next to a well. Helen spits out the key and drops it into the well happily. At this moment, Annie knew it wasn't going to be easy to teach this little girl.
             Act II.
             While Annie is writing a letter to her teacher, Helen spills the ink on Annie's paper. Annie then grabs Helen's hand and begins spelling; I, N, K. As Kate passes by the room, she sees Annie teaching her how to spell. Kate asks Annie if she could teach her sign language. As breakfast is being served, Helen begins the day by feeling what each person's plate contains.

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