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Improving My Memory

            There are a few aspects of my memory that I need to improve. Considering the large amounts of information I need to study in short periods, I absolutely want to improve my performance on exams. Although I have been good at taking tests in the past, I had a longer period to prepare myself. Chunking is actually not new to me. It is something I've done throughout the years to help me remember things. I just never knew the name for what I was doing. However, I am not sure if I have been doing it in a very effective way, especially in the last few years. In addition to improving my performance on exams, I also want to drastically reduce my absent minded actions. At least 2 to 3 times a week I misplace my cell phone, driver's license, and keys. As soon as this happens, I go into panic mode, start to freak out, and tell myself that the worst has happened to whatever I am looking for. My oldest daughter often tells me that I just need to slow down a little bit and this will not happen as much. Once I have found what I am looking for she gives me a look as if I have lost my mind and says, "I knew it." Sometimes I am able to close my eyes for a few moments and then back track to see if I can get at the least get a clue to where my missing item is.
             Absent minded actions are results of a lapse in short term memory. Improving performance on exam, for me, deals more so with long term memory. Because short-term memory is very limited, I think I easily become absent-minded​ and misplace simple things. Most times, I have too much on my mind and my thoughts are all over the place as I'm in the process of misplacing the item. Rehearsal is definitely where I am failing with my short term memory. This past week, I decided that I would put my keys in my purse as soon as I got home from school and I verbally said, "I put my keys in my purse," a few times while doing so to see if it would help. As I went about studying a little, playing with my 2 year old and other things, when it came time that I needed my keys, I went straight to my purse and retrieved them.

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