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World War II and the Atlantic Wall

            During the reign of Nazi Germany between the years of 1942 and 1944 a widespread system of coastal defense and fortifications known as the Atlantic Wall was built beside the shoreline of Scandinavia as well as central Europe as a form of protection against a foreseen attack from the Allies on Nazi-controlled Europe from Britain during the period of the second World War. The creation of the wall began on March 23rd 1942 when Nazi leader Adolf Hitler delivered something known as F├╝hrer Directive No. 40. This called for the formation of the "Atlantic Wall". Hilter arranged submarine and naval bases to be greatly protected. Defenses had continued to remain focused nearby ports until sometime in late 1943. This was when resistances were significantly increased in other certain areas. Nazi propaganda had also made the claim the Atlantic Wall had stretched from near the Spanish border to around the cape of Norway. The primary engineering group which had designed and constructed a majority of the wall's main gun defenses along with the emplacements and of this Atlantic Wall was the company known as Organisation Todt. .
             Early sometime in the year 1944, the likeliness of an invasion from the Allies on Nazi controlled Europe was beginning to become much more evident. Due to this, Field Marshal Erwin Rommel was assigned to make some improvements to the Atlantic Wall's defenses. Because he believed that the current coastal fortifications were completely insufficient, Rommel immediately began to reinforce them. His main concern at the time was the air power of the Allied forces. Rommel had seen how severe this threat could potentially end up being when he saw it for himself while he was fighting against the Americans and British in Northern Africa. This event had left its mark on him and caused him some fear that any sort of German attack would be wrecked by the powerful aircraft owned by the Allies before it could even make a change on anything.

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