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American Conflicts of WWII

            She did not want war at least; she had no intention of engaging in one. Threats came and she had to defend her territory, her people, and her status. The compulsion was enough to awaken her from her sleep. She took her stand in readiness for an attack. She attacked and finally won; world war (ii). It is true that the American involvement in the war left an impact on her economy, civil rights, education, and her status on a global scale. .
             To understand how the impact came about, we have to know how she engaged in the war, her enemies and allies. The 20th century marked the bloodiest century not only in the American history but globally. It was the century when America was facing civil unrest and international conflicts. In 1933, British were facing invasion from the Germans led by Hitler. Though America knew, her allies were in conflicts, led by President Franklin. D. Roosevelt, America did not want to participate in the war. However, then it reached a point President Franklin Roosevelt faced the Congress so they could help Britain with arms. In an attempt to avoid participating in the war, President Roosevelt supplied Britain with arms under Lend and Lease Act. This act allowed any American ally to trade arms and other military supplies with her. While escorting loaded British ships across the Atlantic, the two fleet came under surprise attack from the German. Hitler had ordered sinking of any cargo ship the Germans met at sea. This prompted the British prime minister, Winston Churchill, and President Roosevelt to hold a secret meeting. Their meeting gave rise to the Atlantic Charter that would allow free trade among nations. This, however, was not enough to cool down the German. On the September 4th, 1941, the German forces fired on an American ship. In response, Roosevelt ordered the Navy to shoot back at the German boats and submarines. This war being undeclared was not enough to draw America into the global stage.

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