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Economics of Australia and China

            Australian economy and Asian economies play a very similar role in solving the economic problem. The problem of scarcity arises because of the volume and efficiency of resources available for production is unlimited. These are factors that dominate our lives, we have unlimited wants and limited resources. "What to produce?", "how much to produce?", "how to produce?", and "to whom to distribute?" are the main functions of an economic system. The economic system is an organised way in which a country distributes its resources and goods and services into the community. There are four main types of economic systems: centrally planned economies, mixed economy, traditional economy and capitalist economy.
             The very first problem of an economic system is "what to produce". Consumer preference or supply and demand can influence what goods and services are to be produced. The next problem is "how much to produce", The main issue is the techniques into producing the products in the most economical way possible. This ensures the lowest possible cost of production at the same time a maximum output of products. "For whom to produce", is a function of an economic system that decide upon the distribution of goods and services produced in their final form. This is determined through needs of individuals or through contribution towards the production process. "To whom to distribute", Humans and natural resources are distributed among different occupations according to the needs of society; they need to decide who will get the output on the country's economic activity. Thus the age of the working class must be determined with the population. .
             The economic problem of scarcity has influenced both Australian and Chinese economies. Both Australia and china offer health care for their country. Population in china and population in Australia are unequal; therefore health care in China is less clean and efficient as the health care in Australia.

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