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United States and Russian Natural Gas Industries

            The Macroeconomics 2301 class enrolled at Tarrant County College " Southeast has organized in class research teams under the direction of Dr. McKizzie. The goals of the trams will be to focus on research toward closing the gap between two countries that have a germane resource. One country will be established as the prototype for performing best practices in the production, the distribution, as well as the consumption of a comparable resource and its effect on the prototype country's GDP growth and efficiency. The comparable country will be proven by data to be the under-performing country; therefore, the function of the research teams is to close the gap in findings that will enable the under-performing country to be more efficient. The research teams seek to answer the following questions. The first question is, why is the prototype country performing better that the comparable country in regards to its germane resource? The second question is, what is the magnitude of the need for the investigation of the germane resource on economic growth? The third question is, what is the potential or enabling further economic growth due to the effects of the germane resource? The fourth question is, what is the market opportunity for the country's germane resource?.
             We found in our readings that, "like the physical and life sciences, as well as other social sciences, economics relies on the scientific method " (McConnell, Brue, Flynn, 2013, p. 5). Therefore, the research will enable more awareness of the two countries germane resource effect on their gross domestic product. The research will provide the investigators with additional information regarding further engancement of the country's gross domestic product. The research will provide more information in investigating the likeligood of more efficient use of the germane resource.
             1. What factors of production of the germane resource in reach country were different in 2009 as compared to 2013?.

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