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            Azerbaijan As a Turkic/Muslim nation, Azerbaijan has been independent since the fall of the Soviet Union in the year 1991. Even so, this country is still having problems with a fight that broke out between Azerbaijan and Armenia in 1988, over Nagorno-Karabakh, a Azerbaijani enclave that is heavily populated by Armenians. This country is one of the worlds oldest oil producing countries. During World War II, about 500,000 barrels per day were produced in the Azerbaijani Soviet Republic. Its capital, Baku, is one of this countries largest cities. Baku is divided into 11 districts and 48 townships. This city is a big culture and education center, it has a university and other places for learning. One of these school is specializes in petroleum and chemical industries. .
             GEOGRAPHY/CLIMATE: .
             Azerbaijan is located in Southern Asia along the Caspian Sea, it is between Russia and Iran. The total area is 86,600sq.km, 500sq km being water and 86,10osq km being land. The climate of this country varies from some areas being dry and desert like, others are humid, there is also a area that is mountain tundra climate. Almost half of Azerbaijan is rugged mountains along wit deep river valleys. Azerbaijan has roughly 500 miles of the Caspian Sea coastline, about 1,250 rivers, and over 250 lakes. Nearly 4,100 species of plants have been found in the large forests that cover 5.3 million acres. Also, over 12,000 kinds of animals have been acknowledged, such as mountain goats, leopards, bear, and lynx. .
             Azerbaijan has for natural preserves. The Zakataly Preserve for the security of ancient forests and mountain meadows also the Dagestan bison. The Turkmenchay Preserve to protect the delicate dry soil and juniper/pistachio forests. Another preserve is the Eldar Preserve which protects old pins , the Kyzylagach Preserve protects winter area for migrating birds. .
             Baku is 56 feet below sea level. It is located by the northern shore of the Bay of Baku in the Apsheron Peninsula which goes all the way to the Caspian Sea.

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