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A life I never knew

            Describe the personal experience that gave you the feeling of greatest achievement or satisfaction because of the challenges you met.
             I could smell the thick ambiance dominated by alcohol and liquor bottles as thousands of people crowded downtown Moscow. It was no ordinary day; the crowd's anticipation, along with a few drinks, banished all composure. Not even the super bowl could compare nor highlight the importance of the world cup soccer championship game. And here I was, with my dad and brother, watching it on the big screen. As the game advanced into the final quarter, Japan scored against Russia, making the score 1 to nothing. The crowd, intoxicated and inclined toward madness, broke out into fights as beer bottles were thrown from the buildings above us. We slithered our way through hundreds of people until we were far enough from the chaotic mess. I later found out on the news that one man died and at least twenty were injured after fans went on a rampage, smashing windscreens, overturning cars and hurling missiles at a small police force. At seventeen, I experienced just one of many problems Russia was facing. I thought back to my childhood. How was my own life like growing up in Russia? Besides the language itself, half of my life of which was spent there, I have forgotten - until now. .
             I was eight years old when I first moved to America. I never questioned how or why my family moved, nor did I care at such a young age. I accepted and quickly adapted to my new environment. School was a big outlet to learning a new language, making friends and experiencing life in general. As my time progressed in the states, my life in Russia became more elusive, like a distant memory that never happened. It wasn't until later that I noticed simple cultural differences between me and my peers. My friends were astounded when I encountered my first peanut butter and jelly sandwich or the fact that I never seen The Wizard of Oz until just recently.

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