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Teenage Depression

            I suppose if you are here reading this article, that you are a teenage seriously thinking about taking your life. Well, I want you to hold on for a few minutes and read this little bit of information that could change your life forever, its something that you do not know, so please read on.
             Everyday I think about killing myself because I hate my life so much. Things never go my way, stuff is always irritating me, no one likes me, and things seem to get worse when I get home. At one point in time I thought sleep was my only escape from the madness, the pain, but I soon realized that it was not the answer. Don't get me wrong, sleep is a wonderful thing, but as soon as I feel asleep, the next thing I knew, I was awake having to face the cruel world again, as usual, I would go down swinging but not landing a single punch.
             There really was not some single event that triggered by depression, it just started. In the 6th grade I came home crying everyday, by 8th grade I was so mad and upset I vented my frustrations through a threat letter I took to school, needless to say - I was kicked out for the rest of the school year. Now here I am, 10th grades. Things where going just fine until I fucked up again and now I've been kicked back out of school. Although I will be going back next year and continuing on from where I should be, I am still upset that I've been removed from the school. The school was my place of friendship, and my personal obligation to get good grades gave me something to do. I've been to hell and back multiple times, I have battle scars, and all I have to show for these things is my expulsion notice. What I would like to tell you today is that you are not totally alone. I know that living may seem like hell for you most of the time, but do you think its really going to last forever? Do you think that, when you are 38 years old, you'll still be feeling this way? What you need to know is that this depression you are in will not last forever.

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