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The Country of Turkministan

            Turkmenistan is a country full exciting and wonderful things that most people do not know. Most people do not even know Turkmenistan exists. Turkmenistan is a country located in the Middle East and somewhat in central Asia. They drive on the right side of the road. The nationalities consist of eighty-five percent Turkmen, five percent Uzbek, four percent Russian, and six percent full of other nationalities. Turkmenistan declared its independence from the Soviet Union on October 27, 1991 but was not recognized until two months later on December 25, 1991. Turkmenistan has a population of about 5,127,000 people, which is about ten people a square kilometer. The countries GDP or gross domestic product (PPP) is a total of 82.15 billion as of 2014 and their GDP (nominal) is a total of 47.54 billion as of 2014. .
             Their HDI or Human Development Index is 0.693 Turkmenistan is the 103rd in ranking of HDI. And Turkmenistan's currency is the Turkmen New Manat (TMT). In Turkmenistan seventy-two percent of the people speak Turkmen, twelve percent of people speak Russian, nine percent of people speak Uzbek, and the other seven percent are other various languages. Turkmenistan was originally founded as a patriarchal society but is slowly changing into a more matriarchal society, letting women do more in the government and other things that they previously could not. It is the same case for children in Turkmenistan they originally were not allowed to do much at all but they are gaining the ability to do more as the country develops.
             Turkmenistan's food is actually very similar to the rest of central Asian food. Turkmenistan's food consists of lots of meat, vegetables, and little to no spices. They usually use cottonseed oil to flavor their dishes. Some of the dishes contain noodles as well but it is mostly just meat and vegetables. Oddly enough Turkmenistan is actually known for their melons. They eat their melons mostly with naan a type of flat bread.

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