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City and Country Living

            City living refers to life in the more modernized and urban areas which are regarded as the commercial centers of a given area while country living refers to life in the lesser developed regions. Urban cities have higher population as compared to the country side. There are benefits to city living and country living depending on whom you ask. Many have questioned the benefits of living in the cities as compared to living in the country and vice versa. It is a difficult topic to find a solution to as both city life and country life have their advantages and disadvantages. Here we shall analyze both living environments and discuss their benefits.
             Pro-City living.
             In this setting people have unlimited employment opportunities. This means there will be a greater influx of people into the cities in search of income opportunities. On the other hand, people who remain in the countryside view this differently as they prefer to stay in their farms and work hard to earn their living. There are better education systems in the cities as compared to the countryside. Schools are more advanced thus have better facilities to nurture growing children molding them into intellectual beings. Even the most gifted people who live in the countryside have to move to the cities where better colleges and universities are located in order to achieve their goals (O'Flaherty, 2009).
             Health-care in the cities is highly advanced as compared to the countryside. There are medical procedures, tests and equipment that are unique to cities hence this gap between these two settings means more would prefer to seek medical attention in the advanced cities rather than the less developed countryside. There are large shopping complexes in the cities, and they are located virtually everywhere. People get all that they need in these shopping centres be it food, clothing, electronics or even social amenities. The diverse nature of these shopping centres makes it much simpler for people living in the cities to get all they need under one roof.

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