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Brazils Poplation

            9 million is mainly distributed around the east coast.E has over 40% of the population of Brazil if you add the neighboring south region more than 70% of Brazilians live on only 18% of the land . Today most Brazilians are city dwellers. Most of the big towns and cities are on the coast, the biggest city is Sao Paulo (9.6 Million), the further inland you go the population becomes less dense. The highest densities are near Sao Paulo and Belo even though they"re near hot wet climates. .
             The reasons for Sao Paulo being the most densely populated city in Brazil are it was once the capital so people would go there for jobs, it has rich flat soils for coffee and the S.E has the best transport system in Brazil. Few people live inland due to the Amazon rainforest being hot, wet having poor soils, Manaus is the exception because of its inland harbor. The government is trying to get people to move into the Amazon when they built Brazils new capital Brasilia because Sao Paulo and Rio De Janeiro were getting more crowded. .
             Japan has a population of 125 million it is the seventh most densely populated country in the world. Less then a fifth of the country is lowland and broken up into many small plains, these are located along the coast and are cut off from each other by uplands. Most of its population live on just 16% of the land available, 76% of the population is now living in Urban areas, Rural areas are now suffering from depopulation and an ageing population. Cities have grown so fast they formed vast urban areas called Megalopolis. The section of the pacific Coastal Belt from Kobe towards Tokyo is called the Tokaido Megalopolis. .
             Japan is the second richest country in the world after the USA. Since 1981, exports have been higher then imports, even though Japan has few resources, human resources are very good at producing goods and services, Japanese people have a .
             - high standard of education.
             - healthy attitude to work hard.

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