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The worlds worst countries

             More people live in free societies now then ever before. But still some nations like Sierra Leone, Afghanistan, Somalia and North Korea have not advanced like others. Big part of the people in these nations earn very little money and in Africa there is still some slavery.
             These countries can affect all of us with there wars and problems like AIDS. Sometimes this can be traced to bad leadership and is there for solvable, by eliminating corruption and governments must learn to invest in education, health care and other morally necessary things.
             Uganda, South Africa and Cambodia are countries that have turned around and evolved with help from committed leaders and citizens.
             I think it is very sad that some few man can maybe ruin a whole country in a corrupted government. People in these places are some starving to death, many getting infected by aids or sold as slaves.
             I have seen an interwiev with some men in the government in some African country where they are saying that it's a lie, that all over Africa one woman is raped in every seven seconds or so, and start pointing around saying something like "I don't see anyone being raped here" and the other looks at his clock and says "and seven seconds have passed, this is just nonsens". I was shocked by how stupid these men were and they don't seem to have any logic or common sens but are in high positions in there country.
             Maybe Afghanistan will be a better place in some time after the North alliance and USA have taken over everything. Women there are very badly treated and some can now for there first time let people see there faces in public and listen to music, but that was banned by the taliban.

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