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Our Lives and Factors of Influence

            Do you know that a person is always influenced and changed by some people and society? From the beginning of our life till the end, we are always undergone by a lot of external influences. These external factors give a direction to grow our personality and identity. Unfortunately, they do not change us always positively. These influences may have some negative effects on rest of our life. Even one people change us deeply, whereas a lot of people together cannot do it. It means our personalities are not just our choices, but also depend on people who have effects on us. A person's characters and personality are mainly influenced by his family, his friends and the people who surround himself in the society, the local culture where he or she lives, and the media, however; the person can influence himself in different ways if he is always eager to learn new things and apply them into his life. .
             The parents are the first and the most influential people in our life. They always want to do their best to their children by saving and taking care of them. Sometimes, it is too much, and some parents behave their children as programmed robots. They do not want us to be free and want to have an authority on us. We do not have anyone except them at the childhood. For that reason, they have impacts on us more than the others. We learn speaking, walking and eating from our parents and want to act like them and sometimes, we may impersonate them. For example, we can see such a situation in the families that a little girl wants to wear her mother's dresses and makeup, because she takes this character from her mother and wants to be as her mother is. The family factor is so important until such time as we grow. If your family is a role model for the society and well-educated, it means you began to life with big chance. They have a huge role on us choosing our religion, political view and other important things that make us different from others and shape our identity in spite of the fact that we can change those behaviors further periods of our life.

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