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Choices and how they influence our lives

             Back in the wonders of The Middle Ages, Catholic Philosopher Saint Augustine of Hippo defined choice as "God's given ability to decide the fate of our own lives, and the way that such choices influence the pre-destination of our future."" By this, one can see that all choices one makes are crucial and will echo for the rest of our lives. According to Saint Augustine, each choice, as miniscule as it might be, always uproots our future in many ways. In addition, past choices give us strength and wisdom to make better choices in the future. The choices one makes in life are influenced by the type of person one is, the way one thinks and our interactions with both society and the environment. .
             The type of person one is often influences the type of decisions one takes and how these are taken. Each person has particular qualities, or a particular "Way of Being- according to various Greek philosophers. The Way of Being' implies the set of characteristics that define us as persons. These characteristics often exhibit the type of person one is. According to this, the way one is speaks for the decisions that we make in our lives. In this regard, one can say that a person whom is nervous will often make decisions that are not well-planned or simply made too rapidly for such a person to discern on the consequences that certain actions will have. For instance, one can see how a person that tends to be nervous will behave hectically in the case of a natural disaster, such as an earthquake. The decisions of such persons are influenced by their desire to make the events in their lives happen more rapidly and their apparent fear of the unknown or unpredicted.
             In contrast, a person that is calmed and humble will show a greater capacity to discern and make better decisions. This type of person often places more attention into their choices and often makes better ones. For example, a calmed person may decide on ways to get people organized and avoid anarchy during an earthquake or a storm.

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