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            When discussing issues of pesticide uses and its impacts on the environment, there are four major contributors involved: Rachel Carson, Robert Van Den Bosch, Sandra Stiengraber, and Theo Colburn et. al. These contributors have covered the issues from trying to control nature with chemical poisons to pesticides causing cancer. Some of these people have lived their entire lives involved in stopping environmental degradation through books, articles, and some have taken part in demonstrations. With combined efforts of these people and others in their field, they have managed to reduce the amount of DDT's used and ensured that the pesticides used are healthier for the environment. Rachel Carson was the first contributor to pesticide enforcements that we looked at. Carson was working as a researcher at the Marine Biological Laboratory at Woods Hole in Falmouth, Massachusetts when she began writing her books. Some of her books had a large influence on people but none more than that of "Silent Spring." Carson was working in the U.S Fish and Wildlife when she became concerned about the chemicals and their effects on ecological integrity. The main chemicals that she focused on were DDT's and other chlorinated pesticides like TEPP. Carson's work on the case of DDT's caused uproar in the chemical industries and the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture). They tried to ban the publication of her book "Silent Spring" and the printing of it in the New York Times. They were going on the basis that the information in her book was false but was thrown out of court because her sources were checked and the information was true. The key concept that Carson deals with in the article in the book was the folly of trying to control nature with chemical poisons. This article is talking about her book "Silent Spring" which described how DDT entered the food chain and accumulated in the fatty tissues of animals, including human beings, and caused cancer and genetic damage.

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