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            Fruit and vegetables are very important to us as human. It is a catorligy on the food pyramid and is also recommend that we eat at least five servings of each every day. Sometimes we are not always lucky to have the best fruits and vegetables around. That is for many reasons. There might have been some bad weather the farmer came upon. Like they couldn"t get their plants in on time so they are a little bit on the small side or they don"t have the best taste that they would have. Or another big problem is the surrounding the farmer might come in effect. There might be a big beetle problem or sometime the worms might have eaten leaves on a cauliflower plant , or got in the corn and destroyed the knerals. So the farmers turn to one thing that help them along on the season growings. They turn to Pesticides. Pesticides are a chemical that is used on plants, and food. When a store sells a vegetable in its market it usually says that it is organically grown. Organically grown food is food that is grown with not any use of pesticides or fertilizers. A fertilizers is a chemical that is used on plants to help make the food or plant grow fast and bigger. A fertilizer is a very dangerous chemical and can hard people. If you do put to much fertilizer on a plant it will burn the soil and the plant will die. You must make sure once the food is boughten that you must wash it properly. You must wash and scrub all fresh fruits and vegetables. You must peel and trim any fruits and vegetables. Also a good thing that should be done is that you should pick a variety of foods. And also not always buy from the same farmer or same grower.

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