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Resolving Workplace Conflicts

            The key to managing conflicts is first to recognize that conflicts are inevitable. On the job, there will always be different personalities, tasks, and issues that arise, that may all ultimately lead to conflict. Conflicts can, however, be resolved to a level where everyone is agreeable. To get different individuals to agree is not an easy task and managing conflict does require both experience and knowledge. Organizations that do not manage or deal with conflict can end up with workers feeling that their opinions are not important or appreciated. .
             Group discussion and collaboration can serve to address conflicts, especially when employees become actively involved in the process, and the team is encouraged to independently implement problem-solving strategies. Pace (2006) explains that when workers get together and combine their talents as a team, they then can get a lot done. He elaborates that the success of a team depends on its members being able to work together (Pace, 2006). Conflict management also involves stepping back and thinking about what the next steps should be. Developing effective conflict resolution skills are an essential component of building a sustainable business model (Myatt, 2013). Developing and managing effective conflict resolution can be essential to an organization that values its reputation and its employees. When conflict is managed properly, employees will feel valued and appreciated.
             It is vital for both the employees and employer to understand the causes of conflict in the workplace. Without understanding the background causes and steps, the same conflict will surely come about again. When there is no attempt at understanding the conflict and the conflict is actually hidden, avoided or otherwise ignored, then the conflict may even fester into a larger problem within the organization. Employees, supervisors, and even seasoned managers will go to great lengths to avoid confrontation.

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