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Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson

            In the book, "Just Mercy," by Bryan Stevenson, Bryan explains and illustrates how many individuals were incarcerated. He spent much of his lawyer career in prisons working with those on death row. One of the cases he examines is an individual named Walter McMillian and how his case wasn't showing the principles of justice. Walter was convicted of the Ronda Morrison murder. Sheriffs in his town believed that he was guilty due to the accusations Ralph Myers, another citizen in the town, gave toward McMillian. Bryan explained in chapter three, "They hadn't yet done much investigation into McMillian, so they decided to arrest him on pretextual charge while they built their case." (Stevenson: 47) It's clear that the officials just wanted a reason to catch Walter without a factual case against him because they ended up arresting him against sodomy charges when they couldn't put the facts all together. It's said that you're supposed to have probable cause and facts before arresting someone. Therefore, what they arrested Walter for was part of unjust actions. They didn't get Walter's side of the story on what Ralph accused him of. This made many citizens in Walter's town along with Bryan very upset.
             Eventually, Bryan started to understand that the accusations by Myers and the sheriffs were not coming together. He worked day in and day out on this case which led him to find witnesses for Walter's court case. In chapter seven, he ends up finding the white man who was running the store on the day that Ralph came in. Bryan explains in his book, "Walter had tried to persuade his original lawyers to speak to this man, but they had failed to do so. After Walter described the location of the store, we were able to track him down. The store owner recounted his memory of that day: Myers had sought out Walter-but had to ask the store owner which of the several black men in the store was Walter McMillian.

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