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Advertising Campaign - Starbucks

            Have you ever had a beverage from Starbucks? Starbucks is one of the most popular coffeehouse chains in the world with locations in over 50 countries and hundreds of thousands of employees. The coffeehouse chain is known for offering various types of coffee beverages that are hot and cold. As a Starbuck's employee would say, "it's not just coffee, it's Starbucks." .
             The first image grabs the attention of the reader by its bright red background. It's like approaching a stop sign; the bright red color automatically draws attention. The next visual on the advertisement is what seems to be a coffee cup. Instead of it just being a solid coffee cup, it is being shaped out of lots of words. Some words are small, some larger and bold. From the straw to the lid, down to the bottom of the cup is filled with a different word. Some of the words are in a different language and a few words that are in a different color. I think that the meaning of there being words in different languages. I believe that is informing people that Starbucks is not just for one culture, or one ethnicity, it's for everyone. In bold letters on the cup, it says, "We speak your language and taste rich, smooth, delicious taste." I believe it is a clever way to advise a Starbucks product because it draws in attention once the viewer notices that the cup is formed out of words and the reader then automatically wants to read the words that are place inside of the cup. Next to the cup, there is the Starbucks logo and located next to that is a sentence, " Starbucks, a new taste." I believe the reason for implying that into the advertisement is to inform the audience that Starbucks has brought a new delicious taste in coffee that you will not experience in any other coffee. A new taste that can not be ignored and must be tested by everyone.
             The second image is a picture of a human's eye. The eyelash is taped to the eyebrow keeping the eye wide open and stopping it from closing.

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