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Ways in Which Literature Reflects Life

            Literature often has themes and lessons about life. It's all around us, and whenever we read a story, we often relate to it. Three stories that I've read that relates to life are The Interlopers written by Saki, The Cask of Amontillado by Edgar Allen Poe and The Necklace by Guy de Maupassant. These short stories depict many life situations people may face. Jealously, Rivalry and Greed. It may be between family, friends or even strangers. In the end, one can hope that it all gets worked out in the end. These stories turn out to have ironic endings, but the feud in it does get worked out; in a bad and dark way. .
             In The Interlopers, this story is between two families who hated each other. The court tried to settle this feud, but neither one of them wanted to settle it. Both of the men; Ulrich and Gradwitz try to plot and pray that misfortune would fall on the other. One night as the men came upon each other in the woods, their plotted misfortune occurs. A tree falls on them, which pins them both underneath. In the end, the men realize they would be stuck and be eaten by the wood's wolves, so they end up making peace. This exact situation doesn't happen every day, but there are many families who hate each other. In the end, they sometimes don't end up making peace, but rather than finding themselves in an ironic situation later on in life, which will probably settle their rivalry. .
             In The Cask of Amontillado, we are introduced to two men, Fortunato, and Montresor. Fortunato has injured Montresor many times, so now he wants revenge. Montresor pretends to be Fortunato's friend so he can trick him into the catacombs. In the end, Montresor walls up Fortunato deep in the catacombs where no one will find him and where he will unfortunately die in. This reflects on real life because it shows how people have some friends who will backstab them. Montresor represents all those backstabbing people, but it's also Fortunato's fault for hurting Montresor.

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