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Strategic Management Case Study: Tesco PLC

             The Human Resource (HR) is viewed by many organisations as concerned with the administrative function and as such ignoring the need and opportunity to align or fit it with the strategic plan or plans of the organisation. In areas where HR is aligned to the strategy of an organisation, it hardly goes beyond forecasting function. The main explanation for this scenario is that HR in an organisation has never been given room in the planning section of the organisation. The irony of this is that many corporate executives and even boards leave out HR simply because by its design, HR is about, which is the core of any organisation and its strategic plan. Hypothetically, it is difficult to measure the success of HR as many consider it soft and not vital in the development of an organisation's strategic plan or strategy. Accordingly, what is measured in most of the firms must be done and has to receive the authority to contribute to the strategy. It is therefore clear that most organisations fail to align HR with these strategies as many view HR as cop that ensures that benefits are properly administered and hiring or and firing is handled to the letter. .
             Strategic HR practices are more contemporary concepts as compared to the HR administrative function (Boxall & Purcell 2003). As a result, many firms are less likely to expect these practices to have effects on the bottom line business results and performance.
             Most of these firms fail to understand that strategic human resource management (HRM) is focused on the alignment or the fit between the strategy of the organisation and the HR strategy of the organisation. Strategic HR management is about the design and implementation of internally set consistent practices that are geared towards organisation's human capital contributes to the achievement of its business objectives (Boselie 2014). The purpose of this paper is to take a look at the significance of aligning strategic HRM and the business strategy of an organisation in regard to the HR strategy of a firm.

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