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Interpretation on I Stand Here Ironing

            "I Stand Here Ironing" is a short story written by Tillie Olsen, a famous writer. Olsen is best known for her works of fiction, high-lighting the lives of working-class Americans. "I Stand Here Ironing" is about a young mother, trying to make ends meet by using all her time towards her job. By doing so, she ends up, unknowingly, shutting out her daughter, Emily. Emily is known for being understanding, which sometimes causes her to be left out of the spotlight. Due to Emily being considerate, she eventually started to feel left out and forgotten. After numerous failed attempts from her mother and others to help Emily feel wanted and loved, she becomes closed off and finds herself not wanting her mother's affection no longer. Also, the story outlines many themes throughout the story. Two main themes that are widely exhibited are poverty and absence. Both are heavily contributing to the big idea Olsen is trying to emphasize in her Mother-Daughter story.
             In the very beginning of "I Stand Here Ironing," the narrator tells us that she cannot provide the "key" to her daughter's life. "There is all that life that has happened outside of me, beyond me." (Olsen 190) It seems very cryptic for a mother to admit that she hasn't any idea of how Emily spends her life. Soon after we figure out that Emily's mother is very caught up in trying to provide for her and Emily that she just didn't have the time to pay any attention to her daughter. Ultimately, Emily was never a high maintenance kid. She never demanded attention nor complain or ask for anything. She's normally very quiet and if she longs for her mother's attention, she lets it be known indirectly. "Can't you go some other time, Mommy, like tomorrow?" (Olsen 192) Emily yearned for her mother to stay home and comfort her but she was aware of the fact that she couldn't. Emily was the type of daughter that understood when she couldn't get want she wanted.

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