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I Stand Here Ironing

             In the short story "I stand here Ironing" the main character Mom and Dorothy from "The Waltz" and "But the One on the Right" are both quite similar and different in each of their strengths. They are both very strong women. Mom had to be a very independent woman all throughout her life. Dorothy was not as independent because she had to do the things that she did not want to because of social manners. Mom was also more independent because she had to go her whole life without any support from anyone. Dorothy was still somewhat strong because it still took her some courage to go and talk to the people on each side of her at her table and also to go up and dance with the only man left at the table after everyone else left.
             Both Mom and Dorothy are very strong women because of how they acted in the different situations that they were in. Dorothy was in two very tough situations. In "The Waltz" she was at a table full of people and when a new song came on everyone at the table except her and another man who was not a good dancer got up and went out on the dance floor. When it was just those two left on the table the man asked Dorothy to dance and inside she did not want to dance with him at all. She knew that he danced as if he had two left feet and he was not her first choice as a dance partner. Then when the song was finished, she still wanted to continue to dance and she wanted another waltz because she did not want to be rude and tell him that he was a terrible dancer. She was trying to be as polite as possible because back in the day it would have been really impolite to tell him that she did not want to dance with him because of social manners. In "The One on the Right" Dorothy is placed on a table in between two people where the one on the left is a person that she can talk to but the one on the right is always talking to the person on his right. So every time that she tries to talk to the man on her right he barely talks to her because he is more interested in talking with the woman on his right.

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