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Nationalism and Globalization

            Ever since the 20th century, the rapid development of globalization has deeply touched the nerve of the contemporary nationalism. Globalization, as one of the important social concepts and terms, brings tremendous change in the domain of politics, economy and culture, which seems to be stealing identities from many countries and people as they become increasingly interconnected. Combining with a seemingly unstoppable trend of Globalization, nationalism is still being active. This paper will first give a brief introduction of the term globalization and nationalism. Then it wills analysis the countervailing effects globalization placed on nation and nationalism. Finally by discussing Chinese nationalism under the globalization trend, the essay will reach a conclusion that there exists a mutual relationship between globalization and nationalism, which accounts for nationalism's persistence against the countervailing effects of globalization. .
             Globalization can be understood as a process reflects the emergence of interregional networks and systems of interactions and exchange which embodies structuration and stratification. It has reached every domain from cultural to economic, political, legal, military and environmental. It is a multifaceted social phenomenon rather than a singular condition. (Held, David. 2003:27) Globalization represents a new era, involving all aspects of contemporary international life and bringing structural change and intense shock in various fields (Cox & Robert, 1995). Regional countries break the national boundaries and move towards the way of to becoming a part of the international community. Globalization is originally owing to the push of the revolution in science and technology. Meanwhile, the common features of economic, political, and cultural style gradually expanded, with a borderless trading, a globally used language, highly promoted democratic way of ruling countries and even forming a "global culture".

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