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Obesity: Disease and Risk Factors

            Industries have been revolutionized as a result of globalization and the growth of scientific knowledge. The food industry is a great example because the production of food has skyrocketed over the last decade. Companies are pushing millions of processed and unprocessed food from the production line to the consumers ever so efficiently. Fast food chains earn billions of dollars annually from the sales of these processed foods. Grocery stores however, are being stacked up with junk food and processed foods. Nonetheless, these foods alone does not cause us to be at risk of being overweight; it's the overconsumption of food in general that causes health issues to the people.
             Gaining weight is caused when individuals consume more energy than the body has to burn. The body burns energy even while it is completely at rest. As people consume more energy than needed, the excess energy is stored primarily as fat. Individuals who continue to consume more each day are prone to being overweight as the body stores the excess energy as fat. Obesity is a health issues that stems from the overconsumption of food. This video is presented to question whether obesity should be a disease. The video presents many findings that support the former and the latter. Therefore, obesity should be viewed as if it were a disease and at the same time, a result of habit, as it meets the implication of 'disease', it could be a genetic disorder and it is a side effect that is preventable.
             The term 'disease' has three medically identified criteria for it to be defined which can be simplified into three questions; Does it change the physiological mechanism of the body? Does it show signs and certain indications? And does it harm you whatsoever? (W.

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