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Guatamala: Living on a Dollar a Day

            In Guatemala there are several people who live in rural areas and they struggle day by day to get by. I think the economic system is at fault for the extreme poverty that exists in Guatemala. The economic system shows that the poor people aren't benefiting from anything, it looks as if they weren't getting any help from anyone, other than the microfinance loans. I think even with a little bit of help they can start something that would be to their benefit because they know how to make the best out of the worst situations. Like Rosa, she went to get microfinance loan and with the little money she got she was able to start her own sewing business and that helped her move forward. If I had one hundred million dollars to put towards solving poverty, I would establish food banks, hospitals, create good jobs, build affordable homes, and education would be free.
             The most important part for families to prosper is if the kids were given a free education as well as the parents. One way that these families will gain money is if the kids were given a proper education. In the video those who read and write have a stable job, if the kids and the parents were given a proper education they would be able to maintain a stable job. Education should be free because the kids and the people of the rural areas are enthusiastic about learning. If education was free, the only thing that would be required is that the students go to school everyday because they wouldn't put to waste such a great opportunity. Parents or adults would also be given the opportunity of a free education but it would be their choice, whether they wanted it or not. Once they finish high school students would have to pay their own college education. .
             The next important step is to establish food banks that will distribute food to all families in need. To keep the food bank running, I would create a program that would bring in donations from all over the world, so that the food bank never has to close down.

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