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Michelle Obama on Higher Education

            Analytical essay: Remarks by the First Lady at Education Event with DC High School Sophomores.
             On November 12, 2013, the First Lady, Michelle Obama, held a speech at Bell Multicultural High School in Washington D.C. In this speech, the First Lady speaks to the college class of 2020. In this speech, she points out the importance of getting some form of a higher education. Because when the year 2020 rolls around nearly two-thirds of all American jobs will require some form of training beyond high school. .
             The sender of this speech is the First Lady of the United States of America, Michelle Obama. The direct receivers of the speech are the high school students that she speaks to. But as the topic she speaks of holds a nationwide debate, she also speaks indirectly to the whole nation. As the whole speech is being broadcasted on TV, it is pretty clear that she wants her message to reach out to the whole nation. HVEM ER OGSÅ AFSENDER AF TALEN?.
             The intention of the speech is to point out that America has a problem with education. America is being overtaken by a lot of other countries when it comes to educating their population, and therefore something needs to be done. Young students have to believe in themselves and they need to know that in the long run, hard work pays off. That is also why Michelle chooses to tell about her own life and how she found her way to fulfil her goals. She also wants to point out, that no matter how the president acts, and no matter how good opportunities American students are given, there is only 'you' to choose your destiny.
             In this speech, Michelle is using ethos as her form of appeal. First of all she uses her authority as the First Lady of the United States of America. This title makes her a very reliable person. Second of all she talks a lot out of experience. She talks about her own experiences, and how she made it to an Ivy League University. .
             "Because when the year 2020 rolls around, nearly two-thirds of all jobs in this country are going to require some form of training beyond high school.

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