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Childhood Obesity - Who's to Blame?

            I see advertisements everywhere about fast food and that's not funny whatsoever. Every corner you turn there will be a fast food advertisement. The fast food companies advertise their products to children by putting their products in TV commercials and implementing them in TV shows. The possible negative health effects of eating fast food is getting diabetes, heart disease, andor even death. In the article "If You Pitch It, They Will Eat" by David Barboza talks about how fast food places market their products to people and how much they spend every year on marketing as well how its peoples fault for eating the product they are promoting. In "Its portion distortion makes america fat" By Shannon Brownlee talks which means that the more you eat at fast food places, the more obese you will become. Some kids are suing fast food companies, because they feel that they are making them fat. Fast food companies are having bigger portions of food then they used to have, because they want people to buy it so they can make more money. The fast food places are doing really well, but not the customers. The customers buy the bigger portions and they are overeating which makes them gain weight. I blame the government and the parents for children's fast food related obesity because the government doesn't stop promoting fast food products knowing that kids and people are becoming obese and parents because they are the ones providing food for them.
             I blame the government for child obesity because they are no stopping fast food companies from putting their fatty products out there for children to see. In the article "If you pitch it, they will eat" David Barboza states "Big Food makers like mcdonald's and kraft foods inc. are finding every imaginable way to put their names in front of children"[p4] meaning that fast food places/ companies will do anything possible for them to put there products out to children which create these children to become fat and obese due to the media feeding them the information that fast food is good for them.

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