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Truth of the Spirit Realm

            Paranormal phenomena is a freighting and selective subject. Many people agree that paranormal existence is real and others believe it is a hoax. Many people's eyes cannot see what a camera can detect, but through research and scientific study and proof, the field of paranormal phenomena can be proven real. Paranormal investigators use devices to communicate with spirits, such as electronic voice phenomena or E.V.P. Thomas Edison started the "ghost machine" to allow many people to communicate with the dead. Ouija boards are the oldest and still used ways to communicate with the deceased.
             Equipment for paranormal phenomena and or paranormal research can help scientists understand the methods of capturing paranormal evidence. Electronic voice phenomena (E.V.P) are mysterious voices that can be heard in the background of audio recordings when they are played back to listeners. In many ghost hunting videos they have used e.v.p to capture paranormal voices that the cameras cannot pick up on feedback. Most ghost hunters call it an e.v.p session when they sit in a room that has been said to be the most energetically filled room so that they can get better quality. A Swedish bird watcher named Friedrich Jurgenson was the first to notice these strange phenomena's in the background of his recording of one of his recordings of a bird song. There were many voices calling him by name in his many experiments. He assumed that he was communicating with spirits at this time of his findings (Netzley). Capturing evidence using the Electronic Voice Phenomena device is the best method for capturing evidence for paranormal investigators.
             Paranormal phenomena has been around since the 1900's. Many paranormal researchers give credit to the famous inventor Thomas Edison for starting a device in 1920 which would allow him to be able to communicate with ghosts. This device was called the "Ghost Machine." Thomas Edison stated, "Now what I propose to do is furnish psychic investigators with an apparatus which will give a scientific aspect to their work" (Belanger).

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