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The Word Of God

             The Word of God is not something that originated all by itself or from the dictionary. It is not even truly the whole set of words collected in the Bible Rather, the word of God is the patterns of experience that move us to praise and worship our co-creator. The Bible is here on Earth to teach us and help us to better direct our paths on this journey that we call Life. This path is dead when we do not collaborate with God to re-create and grow. Through our reading of Scripture and our encounters with other human beings, we can acquire all the knowledge that we need of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
             The Bible is given its name because the writers of its several books were Gods organs in communicating his will to men, (Hebrew 4:12) it is by his "word", because he speaks to us in its sacred pages. Whatever the inspired writers here declared to be true and binding upon us is that God declares his word to be true and binding. This word is infallible, because it is written under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and therefore free from all error of fact or doctrine or precept; All saving knowledge is obtained from the word of God, in the case of adults it is indispensable means of salvation, and is efficacious thereunto by the gracious influence of the Holy Spirit (John 17:17, 2 Timothy 30:15, 16, 1 Peter 1:23).
             The Torah is a formal commitment marked as a new departure in accepting God as a guide to life. The Torah became the living word of God spoken to the people. It was often regarded as the eternal and unchanging word of God, but many things have been added to it over the course of several centuries such as the words of prophets and other writings These make up the scriptures. Scriptures were dramatically important for the Jewish story of God. God had spoken to Moses and inspired the prophets and other writers long ago. The results from searching for the meaning and application of the original written laws were eventually gathered.

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