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Creation and the Word of God

            The creations of God can be seen all around us. From the most basic of items to the most intricate, his glory can be seen all throughout our surroundings. Like Thomas Paine once wrote, "The word of god is the creation we behold." Many people would agree with that statement, while others would disagree. Those disagreeing often take the everyday marvels of life for granted, and those in favor learn to be appreciative of all. I myself have taken many things for granted, but I truly believe that we are blessed to have what we have which is why I strongly agree with Paine's statement. .
             Nature is one of god's greatest creations. Most people now a days think nothing of nature just of the fact that its there. Many of us take it for granted because we have gotten so used to it. It could almost be compared to a song for instance. The first time you listen to a song you memorize it and analyze the meaning of the lyrics. However after you constantly listen to the song over and over again, its lyrics start to lose their meaning. But if you were to go months without listening to the song and hear it for the first time in months you'd remember its true value. The same applies with nature if one day we were to wake up and all the trees, animals, water and so forth were gone we'd be shocked at the emptiness of earth. After days or possibly even hours of emptiness we'd appreciate how much nature contributes to earth. This is why it is very crucial to preserve the blessings that god has given us because they are mostly a once in a lifetime deal.
             Religion also plays an important factor on how the word of god is interpreted. Each religion varies in their beliefs and practices, often causing conflicts between them. However putting aside their difference they can also come to an agreement when it comes to God's power. In almost every religion the universe is considered to be one of god's greatest creations.

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