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God and Evil

             Evil is non-existent in that it is not an entity, yet we all know it exists because we are aware of it's presence. But where did it come from? When was it created and who created it? Since God created the world and everything in it, God must have also created Evil. But, why would God do that? Why would this God who loves us unlimitedly and unconditionally who to share with us his kingdom and eternal life create Evil. And place us to live on earth with it? Was it a test? Is God playing with us and testing out faith and loyalty? Since it is not an entity, no one created it and thus it has no creator. But where does this presence we feel come from? Well, we create it! We created evil by choosing something other than God. Every time we distance ourselves from God by choosing things that do not follow the commandments, well that's evil, the orientation of Will that drifts us from good.
             The Church believes in the positive value of creation. God created everything, and since God is good, isn't everything he created good? So God could not have created evil.
             Einstein believed in God, but he couldn't believe in the Bible God because of this dilemma. Einstein argued that God could not be all-good and all-powerful at the same time. Some people later argued that God tolerate evil because he is not all-good and others believed God can't prevent evil, even though he would like to, because he is not all-powerful.
             However The Bible clearly states that God is both all-good and all-powerful! He did create humans and in this divine creation he created Free Will. This Free Will is not fake, nor limited. It is the legitimate ability to do what we please. Because of this Will, we may choose to do things that God never intended us to do and this deficiency in the human Free Will is Evil.
             This evil does not start with only our choice, we also live with evil created by others before us. Like a plague, evil has spread throughout history.

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