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The Stem Cell Dilemma

            Stem cell research is a scientist's dream. Scientists have been able to regenerate and grow stem cells for the treatment of many ailments, and a more speedy recovery after a surgery as well. This stem cell explosion is thrilling but not without controversy. Because stem cells come from living cells, some oppose of its use; claiming this action brings the issue of cloning to the front position again. Pro-lifers are against this development due to moral issues, feeling that the use of embryonic stem cells is where life begins; thus reinvigorating the pro-life movement. In an editorial by Dr. David Prentice and Dr. Maureen Condic the doctors give details about a new development with stem cells as well as a revisit into the stem cell debate. .
             Although originating the cloning technique was Dr. Shinya Yamanaka, many scientists are utilizing it with great results. In a recent Lifenews.com article, Oregon scientists "created cloned human embryos.and successfully grew embryonic stem cells from the clones".1 According to Doctors Prentice and Condic these Induced Pluripotent cells are not human embryo. They are "embryonic-like stem cells created from skin cells".2 The key phrase is embryonic-like therefore believing it is just the terminology that throws off the opposing party. Cloning in and of itself is questionable leading up to the suggestion that it is a replica of another human being. .
             Although cloning stem cells is not technically cloning another human, the opposition still may challenge as to whether this is right or wrong. .
             The article does have a significant amount of support considering it comes from the science magazine life news. According to several scientists these results from doctors Prentice and Condic are definitely supported throughout the science community thus far. These studies are still a work in progress but are huge steps in the right direction of the possibility of eliminating any more of the backlash with the pro-life community.

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