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The Polluted Hurricane

            I remember when I first moved to the United States 2 years ago. As soon as I got off the airplane I could feel that it was a cold, rainy day; I looked to the sky and I couldn't even see the smallest amount of blue in the sky, it was all grey. When I left Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, my destination was Western Reserve Academy, a boarding high school in Hudson. Still feeling not so comfortable and asking myself: "Why have I left the comfort of my own house and the warm temperatures of Brazil?" I was used to boiling temperatures of around 80 degrees and walking round with no top on, but now I have come to a place where I would have to wear a suit everyday and feel the cold temperature of Ohio every time I opened the door. Well this question was answered right after I received my high school diploma degree, but this is not the time to discuss that. Going back to where I was, on that same day that I arrived at my new school, there was a hurricane alert and we all had to go to the basement and wait for about 5 hours until the alert was gone. Luckily, when I got out of the basement everything looked the same, apart from some bushes and twigs that were out of place. I am telling you this because I cannot imagine what happened with people that went trough this procedure during hurricane Katrina, as once they left their basement or hideaway they could not even tell where they were due the damages left by the hurricane. This is what Bill McKibben, Suzan Zakin and photographer Chris Jordan try to share with us in the essay "Year One of the Next Earth" which was published by Double Take Magazine in 1998.
             Year One of the Next Earth is an article which discusses the causes and impacts of global warming on the world that we live. The essay has a serious and informative tone, which presents us with theories and examples that we, humans, are the causes of the natural disasters that cause so much damage to our world.

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