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Heart Disease/CPR- Stress

            Stress is my worst enemy for many more reasons than a normal person. Why? I have two physical conditions which are RSD and Fibromyalgia. I never had to deal with so much stress in my life and be so cautious now with my emotions. Since I was small I never was an expert in controlling my emotions, and dealing or recovering from my psychological, mental, and emotional problems/issues. Stress always have affected me from going through shelters, days or weeks without eating, moving from home to home, living with strangers, going to different schools, accepting the fact my mother is disabled, realizing the abandonment of my father and my father's family, going through DYFS, being in psychological therapy since I was 4 years old, and having traumas since the start of my childhood. .
             Now stress plays an important role in my life where I have to be super cautious with it and finally try to control my emotions so that my stress levels don't get that elevated. School plays an important part of my my stress if not all of it. From the teachers and administration not understanding my condition and sort of discriminating and judging what I have. The fact almost everyone looked at me as if I were faking my pain was the moment I broke down. Throughout the years, I've put a face or a mask and built this wall to block my true emotions but deep inside I'm a very emotional, vulnerable, sensitive, and weak person. Anything small can trigger things from the past that I haven't resolved it. The second thing that triggers my stress is living with this incurable condition because I'm still in the "denial" and "anger" phase. The third thing that triggers would be my problems at home with my mother, and dealing with my own emotion and personal problems. And of course, the cold triggers a lot of my stress due to my condition but SCHOOL and non understanding people are the highest triggers of my stress.

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