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             Before World War II began in Germany, 275,000 people were euthanized. Hitler ordered the death of thousands of people from the very old, to the very sick, to the very poor. Euthanasia if legalized in this day and age will bring about the demise of thousands of people for those very same reasons. Euthanasia was meant to be a good death for those who are seriously ill but we can not hide the fact that it will murder the people we love, it goes against all morals and ethics of our society and should not be legalized.
             Many people have beliefs about whether euthanasia is right or wrong without ever fully understanding the terms. The word euthanasia was derived from a Greek word meaning "good death." There are several different types of euthanasia. First euthanasia is defined as "the intentional termination of life by another at the explicit request of the person who dies" (Robinson) "The term euthanasia normally implies that the act must be initiated by the person who wishes to commit suicide. However, some people define euthanasia to include both voluntary and involuntary termination of life." (Robinson) There are several terms that are associated with the word euthanasia. The first term is active euthanasia "this involves causing the death of a person through a direct action, in response to a request from that person. A well-known example was the mercy killing in 1998 of a patient with ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease) by Dr. Jack Kevorkian, a Michigan physician. His patient was frightened that the advancing disease would cause him to die a horrible death in the near future; he wanted a quick, painless exit from life. Dr. Kevorkian injected controlled substances into the patient, thus causing his death. Charged with 1st degree murder, the jury found him guilty of 2nd degree murder." (Robinson) As you can see from the example, the jury felt that he was wrong for assisting the man in suicide because it is wrong.

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