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Film Analysis - There Will Be Blood

            "There Will Be Blood" is an excellent example of classical Hollywood cinema narration. The director, Paul Thomas Anderson, had a great appreciation for the 'Golden Age of Hollywood', and this film reflects that. There Will Be Blood is a complex and thought to provoke film with seemingly endless possible interpretations. Every detail from lighting to stage direction has a deeper meaning and adds layers upon layers to this film. The plot of There Will Be Blood revolves purely around the characters in a way I have never seen. Each character posses their unique plots making the big picture of this film nothing less than a masterpiece. The theme that spoke most to me above all others was family. The film revolves around a troubled man named Daniel, his ambitions, and his attempts to create a family. Daniel is attributed with characteristics that are so deeply embedded that they will see to his own demise. On the surface, the film is relatively straightforward with a linear series of events and adheres to the traditional Freytag drama structure. The goals of Daniel however could be differently interpreted. He is driven by two main characteristics, competition and mistrust. These lead to drive and success in the oil industry but also bring him a sense of loneliness that is evident throughout the film and eventually results in his final judgement. The film begins with a silent sequence and not a single word is said until roughly 20 minutes in. Despite this, visual language reveals a lot about Daniel. In the opening scene, Daniel is shown alone is the vastness of nature which raises questions of his past. This scene is key to rest of the film because it foreshadows what is to come, loneliness. .
             I believe problem solving and journey propels the films narrative. Daniel does not necessarily seek wealth, but rather the satisfaction of winning. On top of that, Daniel feeds himself with this illusion that he must have a family which results in many of the negative aspects of his well-being.

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