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Short Story - Delta Flight 9466

            "Don't cry, I will be back sooner than you think." "What if you get shot or get seriously hurt, then what huh?" Alexis, my girlfriend snapped back instantly with. I reached over and held her hand, trying to reassure her more that everything was going to be ok. But as I caressed her hand, I began thinking and wondering in my own heart and head if it was going to be ok. Who in their right mind volunteers to do this? As I stuck my hand out the window, the morning's cool, humid air struck my hand lacing through my fingers like a cool mist of sunshine rays, the stars gleaming down on us as we drove closer. I remember thinking and telling myself, "This is really happening," taking a large gulp and exhaling hard again telling myself "today is the day I leave for war." .
             As we pulled up to the airport my stomach instantly sank, I suddenly began to feel horribly ill inside, as sweat began to form on my forehead. My stomach gurgled like an erupting volcano, feeling as if it was going to burst at any moment. I stepped out of my girlfriend's truck and sighed a deep sigh of worry. Alexis walked over and grabbed a luggage cart to accommodate my massive amount of gear that I was taking with me. As I stood there in the parking garage I breathe in a deep breath of the cool crisp Florida air. Bump bump.bump bumpbump bump, my hearted pounded more and more as we approached the airport, every step closer. We arrived at the airport early, hoping it would help, in regards to the airline checking my seven bags of full gear.
             "What airline are you on again" Alexis asked. .
             "Delta airlines flight 9666 is my flight number love".
             I yelled to her from across the terminal as we were looking through the many airline companies on the walls. After a few minutes of looking Alexis waved me towards her and yelled, "It's over here sweetie.unfortunately I did find it for you.

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