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Hamlet - Literary Analysis

            The tragedy of Hamlet told in the widely known play Hamlet written by the 16th-century play writer William Shakespeare is still recited and treasured today. Although written and aimed towards an outdated audience, the story contains key ideas and values that readers today can still absorb, relate to, and apply to their lives.You're walking throughout the mall, telling yourself that you only came here for the necessities and nothing else. But somehow you find yourself gravitating towards the shoe department, your weakness. Out of the corner of your eye you catch glimpse of something captivating. Your eyes concentrate in and all the other surroundings become a blur. As enchanting as the lotus flower, it sucks you in. Why were you even out shopping in the first place? Your mind is set on purchasing this dazzling pair of knee high leather boots. All comes crashing down back to reality when you see the luxurious price tag. You can't afford the shoes, this would cut into your budget for your necessities and let's be honest, do you really need shoes? Is all the cash worth the sacrifice? Desolately you place the shoes back on the shelf; the consequences have outweighed the desire for the shoes. Thinking about the consequences for actions is very important and crucial in a decision-making process. .
             Although purchasing an expensive pair of shoes may have negative consequences at the time, it does not hold a lasting consequence that will weigh you down. Going down the wrong career path because you are too scared to pursue your dream would have a much larger significance on your life. This is an issue for many teens who are starting a new chapter in their life, yet hesitant to disappoint their parents. Both your parents are successful doctors. Sciences and Biology has always interested them and the idea of you following in their footsteps makes them overjoyed. They already seem to have your future planed out for you; going to school at a prestigious university for 100 years and generating hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt.

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