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The Ethics of Honesty

            Ethics is defined to be completely forthright to ourselves and is by all accounts a key part of what it takes to be true; just the individuals who can confront themselves, in all their own particular eccentricity, appear to be fit for building up a persona that is consistent with herself henceforth, genuine (Borghini, 2016). In this developing world, where virtues and ideals are often ignored and not applied, it is important to instil these virtues in ourselves. There are numerous virtues and ideals that every individual needs to have. However, honesty is of significant importance to me as it is one of the qualities that seems to be lacking in today's society. Honesty is being truthful and sincere without lying, cheating or stealing (Cambridge, 2016). Honesty is the core of a relationship after love. For when there is no honesty, there can be no trust which will act as a poison to the relationship whether with parents, children, teachers, colleagues, friends or a loved one. .
             Honesty was given significant importance in my family and was nurtured in me since young. My parents had taught me to be honest no matter how small the matter may be. I recall hacking into my sister's Instagram account and posting embarrassing photos of her. She was furious and complained to my parents about it and I had to own up to my mistake. I had to face the punishment even for my honesty as I had done something wrong. Strangely however, my parents awarded me with a bar of chocolate for being honest about it. I remember my mother telling me; "It may not be easy to tell the truth especially when you know punishment awaits. I am proud that you were honest anyway." Therefore, dishonest behaviour was never an option for me. If I was ever tempted to lie, my mother would quote George Herbert; set out to be genuine: nothing can require a lie. This is the same as Kant's theory that revealing the truth is vital.

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