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             We pledge to be committed, caring, and concerned to all of our employees. As a firm "pledge to conduct ourselves professionally, with truth, accuracy and responsibility" (Code of Professional Standards of Public Relations). In return we ask all employees to abide by all requirements, rules, and regulations found in the Broadnax's Public Relations Code of Ethics. Each heading provides an extensive overview of what is expected of each employee. It is important that each employee review all of the information provided. If any employee is caught violating any of the rules, regulations and requirements and investigation process will begin. After the investigation process is completed the CEO and General Manger will decided what actions will b taken. If a employee is found guilty suspension or termination may occur. .
             Avoid harm to others .
             Each employee is treat others and they want to be treated. .
             All employees must respect clients, visitors and other employee's. .
             "Harm means injury or negative consequences such as undesirable loss of information, loss of property, damage, or unwanted environmental impacts" (ACM Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct).
             All employees should not discriminate others because of race, religion, disability, sex and all attributes one might possess.
             Privacy is extremely enforced and mandatory for all current and former employees of Broadnax's Public Relations Firm.
             Privacy is strongly enforced to prevent lawsuits.
             "Communications between practitioner and clients/employers are deemed to be confidential under Article 13 of Code of professional Standards. However although practitioner/client/employer communications are considered confidential between the parties, such as communications are not privileged against disclosure in the court of law" (PRSA, Public Relations Society of America).
             If any letter, documents, paper pictures etc. are submitted to Broadnax's Public relations firm it becomes property of the firm and held in a confidential file for privacy purposes.

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