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The Expansion of the Executive Branch

            The executive branch did not always contain the power that it does today. This branch was designed to hold the known leader of the free world and implement the public policies that the representatives in Congress vote on. In fact, the executive branch still does not have as much power compared to legislative and judicial branches. It may be easier to say that the presidents that were in power realized that they could make certain decisions they never had the opportunity to make before. Former presidents like Wilson and Franklin Roosevelt had to make decisions on wars that the world had never seen before. .
             In the United States Constitution, Article 2 states that the executive branch has a select amount of powers. It is explicitly written out in this article what is expected of the person in the senior executive office in the country. The president has military powers because he is the commander in chief, yet only Congress can declare war. The president has diplomatic powers in that he or she is allowed to make treaties, with the advisement and consent from Congress. The president also has legislative powers because he can veto any bill that can be overturned by a majority in Congress. And finally the president was bestowed with appointment power that can only go through with the advisement and consent of Congress. .
             With compelling research, it is correct to say that the legislative branch is the most powerful branch of the three which. Because they are the most powerful, it is logical to outline their duties in Article 1. Everything that the president does must be approved by the House and the Senate and everything that the president can do has the possibility to be rejected or undone by Congress as well. Though historians like to believe that the president's power has grown, it has only grown as much as the legislative branch allows it to be. But the president is extremely influential with constituents which is why he is able to get things done.

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