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Mental Health in the United States

            There is a large estimate of individuals in the United States who experience an array of mental health issues. These issues include anxiety, PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), BPD (borderline personality disorder), depression, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder. There are different factors that contribute to these mental issues, and also, some show greater numbers from one gender to another as well as one race to another. In this paper, there will be an array of information gathered that identifies the powerful and consequential effects of mental issues, and how individuals can take preventive measures to mental health issues. .
             Mental health, the poor identification and preventive measures of it have been and continue to be a major health concern. These health issues do not only affect people as an individual, but the communities that they are in and also the economy which mental health can limit the individuals from reaching their maximum potential as far as wage and earnings and promotional opportunities. This in no way indicates that individuals with mental health issues are not capable citizens, but it merely points out, that mental issues put an unfair disadvantage on individuals who are trying to make the best of the world they live in. When dealing with depression, this is a particular issue that affects a wide range of individuals to include gender, race and social status. Depression has no act of discrimination it will invade anyone no matter their color, no matter the amount of money they have, and no matter what gender they are. Depression was estimated in 1990 to cost the United States from $30 to $40 billion in direct cost, lost workdays, lost productivity, and disruption to personal and family life (National Institutes of Mental Health (NIMH), Depression Awareness, Recognition, and Treatment Campaign (D/ART), no date). Depression is associated with excessive use of health care services (Regier et al.

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