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Taking Care of a Needy World

            8 million people residing around the world, including, three million children, are in need of sustenance. They need somewhere stay, a place to call home, and parents in desperate need to find food for there children and them selves. People all over the world live in poverty, many children around the world are deprived of quality education, and people in Syria are forced to seek out refugee camps due to the danger in their country. I would donate $50,000 to the charity Save the Children (STC) because I believe in bettering the lives and future of people all around the world.
             Poverty is all around the world including the United States. It is something that people encounter on a daily basis; STC gives these people aspiration for a greater tomorrow. They provide them with food that has been donated by people around the world. Imagine STC didn't exist and these people would starve to death, knowing that there is so much to give in this advanced world that we live in. Think about all the canned tomato soups children didn't eat because they didn't find it appealing, they were thrown away. Instead of throwing away the things families don't want, donate them. STC believes that no person should go to sleep hungry.
             Equal and quality education is what STC aims for when they aim to help children in need of education. In 2006 STC focused on obtaining equality education for children who were unable to attend school during war. Giving STC this money could help the children who are in need of a good education, they could build schools on their refugee camps, buy them supplies and offer them a quality education to help enhance their knowledge. These children today will be our future tomorrow, offering them what they need will not only benefit them but all of us human beings on earth to have a greater and stronger future. Education is the key to success, by exposing these children who have missed out on the importance of being united as a whole we can create understandings between countries, aim for peace, and avoid future wars.

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