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Zambia Blocking Food Aid

            Ethical Argument - Zambia Blocking Food Aid.
             There is a lot of hunger going on in our world. People are starving and some of them even die from hunger. Some continents can't supply the amount of food needed to be distributed to the starving people for the reason of lack of money andor bad economy. There are a lot of groups that try to help those regions. They may be small and individual and they may be big as the Red Cross and the UN. They are collecting donations world wide and they buy food and humanitarian things and distribute it to the needy.
             Most of the cases in Africa, most of the starving are refugees that live without homes and are over pact with population.
             The refugees are homeless civilians that were left without homes after civil wars. The actual governments are not taking care for the refugees due to the amount of uprising in the states and they can't afford themselves to deal with the refugee situation, so as the long history shows us they are always falling in between the chairs.
             The UN and the Red Cross and other humanitarian bodies are playing a very important roll in the situation that exists by talking to the government. They try to provide the needy with food, healthcare, and clothing. .
             Zimbabwe is one of the Africans nations that is facing a big scale food crises and one of the nations that rely on humanitarian programs. Nearly three million of the Zambian people are facing famine. In Zambia there are 130,000 refugees from Angola and democratic republic of Congo. "Zambia allows GM aid for refugees" (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/africa/2244554.stm) .
             Zimbabwe is one of the states that do not grow Genetically Modified food and they sell their crops to Europe were they do not accept GM food. Any country that is having anything to do with these types of grains can't sell their crops to these countries. Zambia is a country in need of humanitarian support and one of the latest supports that it is about to receive but it stands on a question of future and principle.

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