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The Nature of Science

            Throughout history, scientists have recorded their findings and have used them to influence and help future generations of scientists in their research. In the articles such as "The Nature of Scientific Reasoning" by Jacob Bronowski, "The Route to Normal Science" by Thomas S. Kuhn, and "Too Many colleges are still Denial about Alcohol Abuse by Henry Wechsler, Charles Deutsch and George Downwall show how the purpose of scientific writing is to help other scientists to further human knowledge in the world of science. Through data collection, experiments/observations, and unbiased writing; science writing helps create a reference for future scientist to use in their experiments in order to help society gain a greater knowledge and understanding of science. To further human knowledge on science, there must be a foundation for scientists to use when starting their experiment and that is done by looking at the previous data and collections from previous scientists. In the article "The Route to Normal Science", Bronowski writes "It seems impossible that this historian had ever studied the beginnings of a scientific discovery. The Scientific Revolution can be held to begin in the year 1543 when there was brought to Copernicus, perhaps on his deathbed, the first printed copy of the book he had finished about a dozen years earlier. The thesis of this book is that the earth moves around the sun. When did Copernicus go out and record this fact with his camera? .
             What appearance in nature prompted his outrageous guess." (Bronowski 925). In the quote, it is criticizing Copernicus on how he was able to get his hypothesis of the rotation of the planets. However, Copernicus was able to conclude his theory by looking at the previous scientist of Aristotle and how he was wrong with his theory, therefore Copernicus made his own based on another person's work.

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