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Misery - An Archetypal Analysis

            The 1990 hit film "Misery," by Rob Reiner, is a rich and prime example of archetypes seems appearing.The title Misery came from the old french word "misere" which means misfortune and suffering and also in today's dictionaries the word misery is defined a cause or source of discomfort which the main character undergoes. The movie shows the two main character are competing to one another's goal. The archetypal elaborations to symbols shown are very well established to urge the diagnostics of the patterns that foreshadows the movie.
             Starting with the main character Paul Sheldon, a great writer and admirable famous novelist who has a custom of writing his books into the cottages of Silver Creek, Colorado. Silver usually seen as a color of purity which also heard at the folk lures that could kill vampires and werewolves. Silver Creek is also an ideal place for the writer to make book, for it is ambient and far from any kind of destructions. The name Paul is defined humble and viewed in a catholic way as St. Paul who was the person wrote the bible which also goes back to Paul Sheldon who both write books, and both Paul's experienced suffering due to their works( Saint Paul was persecuted to death and Paul Sheldon experience suffering due his fan's obsession). The Kabalarian Philosophy also states that the name Paul means - always questioning,critical , practical nature, makes always you prove all ideas to his own satisfaction, rarely accepting anyone word or ideas- which mostly true in the characteristics of Paul Sheldon in the film. Paul always question Annie for for how is he doing and the telephone lines but Annie seems to explain it doubtful to him as a result, he breaks out his locked room and investigate to satisfied himself and lastly he also declines Annie's idea of how he will make up the novel but he does not have any choice to disobey her because his life is at stake.

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