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Elements of Psychosis in the Movie Misery

            The 1990 film Misery, based on the novel by Stephen King, is a psychological horror picture about a novelist, named Paul Sheldon, who is rescued from a car crash by a psychopathic fan, named Annie Wilkes. Paul is taken to Annie's home, where he is forced to write a book and undergo both physical and psychological torture. Rob Reiner, the director of the film, uses archetypal symbolism to form essential components of the plot. He weaves a complex storyline, one revolving around the captor, Annie Wilks. It is through the use of subtle symbolism that the audience comes to understand and grasp the enormity of Annie Wilke's psychosis. .
             Within the motion picture Misery, the director uses the setting to stir the emotions of the audience and draw the observer into the disturbed psychosis of Annie Wilkes. A farm house in the woods, to many, may stir up feelings of peace and solidarity, for families all over the world often get away from the hustle and bustle of the real world and take comfort in a vacation home that is deeply rooted within nature. In relation to the movie, this living environment is essentially a prison for the author Paul Sheldon and represents hopelessness. He is not only trapped due to his physical situation, but has no hope of seeking out assistance due to the sheer distance of the farm from any other human beings. In the film, Annie Wilks is a psychopathic personality who physically isolates herself from society in this remote farm house. "Some psychopaths are superficially adapted to their environment and are even popular, but they feel they must carefully hide their true nature because it will not be acceptable to others. This leaves psychopaths with a difficult choice: adapt and participate in an empty, unreal life, or do not adapt and live a lonely life isolated from the social community. (http://www.psychiatrictimes.com/psychotic-affective-disorders/hidden-suffering-psychopath#sthash.

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