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The Reality of Bigfoot

            Bigfoot is an unidentified creature that has been rumored to exist over the centuries. Bigfoot is known to be around eight feet tall, is said to have a long face, weigh around 400 pounds, walks upright, muscular and human like feet. Bigfoot has primate features and also humanistic features. Bigfoot is covered in fur all over his body just like a primate. But the real question is, does this creature really exist?.
             In 1967, the United States was taken by surprise when the Patterson-Gimlin film was released to the public eye. This was the first time Big Foot was caught on film, in motion. This groundbreaking evidence was shocking and raised many questions. Many people tried to debunk his video, but there was no evidence. Every attempt to prove that it wasn't authenticate, never worked. No one could ever remake the costume or the film, many tried but it all ended in failures. Big Foot has been in history all over the world. Ancient civilizations have had crave drawings and writings about the unidentified creature. Over the years many eyewitness testimonies have arose and evidence dating back to centuries before this film was put on the public eye was cast on Big Foot, there is no doubt that the Patterson-Gimlin film (PGF) was not a hoax, there is no legtiment evidence that proves this unidentified species isn't real. .
             For centuries, there have been eyewitness accounts of seeing the creature around the world. There has also been historical evidence about different ape-like creatures around the world dating to the earliest civilizations. There has always been undeniable evidence of footprints and costumes. There have been many eyewitnesses over the years. For example on July 2, 1984, in Ohio, a female eyewitness took her children to a local park during the day, near the forest when she hears some wrestling in the leaves. She walked over to the trees to see what was making that noise. As she was looking through the tree, she claims to have seen a very large figure standing twenty-five feet away from her.

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